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Privacycharter Colruyt Group


This charter applies to the collection, the management and the use of your data by the entities belonging to Colruyt Group1.
Read this privacy charter to know more about the way personal data are collected and processed by Colruyt Group.

1. Which data do we collect?

We collect your contact details like your address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number...

Also data which were obtained through third parties or from contracts, contact forms, inquiries, competitions, promotions, commercial actions, payment data, orders, (online) purchases etc… are kept by us.

In as far as you have communicated this yourself; we also collect data about your interests, hobbies, occupation, age, family life, taste preferences, nutrition profiles...

Whenever you use the publicly available Wi-Fi network of Colruyt Group in one of the Colruyt Group stores, we also collect a number of data.

Also, through the use of our websites, social media, e-mail response, cookies, clicking data, navigation data and other technologies, we can collect data about you.

For professional customers, suppliers or companies with which we can start a form of cooperation, we also keep , other than the data mentioned above, company data such as VAT number or enterprise number, the coordinates of contact persons of the legal entity (name, function, telephone …) as well as of the associates, partners in the business. Possible interests we can satisfy with our services and activities are also collected.

To actively acquire new b2b customers, we also collect data by means of external channels, like third party data providers. Next we make contact with these potential b2b customers. Afterwards they have the opportunity to check, correct, change their data or decide not to let them be used anymore.

2. Why do we collect these data?

First of all, your data are used to enable us to correctly handle the agreement you entered in with us. This way we can, for example, send you a digital invoice or have a package delivered at the correct address.

Second, we use your information to invite you to workshops, customer panels, to inform you about promotions, for direct marketing or to create profiles. By creating profiles, we are able to send you more relevant and useful information.

If you do not wish to receive newsletters or information about our products, you can at any moment and without motivation unsubscribe. You can do this by sending us an e-mail, by indicating this in your personal settings or by contacting our customer service. You can also do this by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our advertising e-mails. You will only receive electronic direct marketing communications if you have given us specific agreement. You can at any time unsubscribe free of charge from all direct marketing communications.

We also use your personal data for statistical purposes and to improve our services and products. For example when we notice that certain products are not or barely selling, we can investigate the reason why. By means of market research or consumer tests we can, for example, try to improve this product. If we notice that a website or a certain page of the site sees a decrease in number of visitors, we can investigate the reason for this. After that, we can work on the website and improve it in such a way that you, the customer, get easier access to the information you are looking for.

The data about the publicly available Wi-Fi network of the stores belonging to Colruyt Group are kept with a view to the security of our network and to solve potential problems. This way we are able to draw up so-called ‘heat maps’ of our stores and find out which aisles are popular with our customers.

3. Loyalty cards and cookies

Colruyt Group collects your data through different channels. For example, we collect your buying information via the loyalty card, apps, logins etc. of Colruyt Group.

Colruyt Group also collects your personal data when you visit a Colruyt website or click on an e-mail. This takes place via cookies, or via similar technologies that enable us to do this. For more information about the use of cookies, you can consult our cookie policy on

You can disable the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser, but this may mean that the website does not function correctly.

4. Database management

All personal details are managed by N.V. Etn. Fr. Colruyt, Edingensesteenweg 196, 1500 Halle (Belgium). It is possible for these data to be shared within the companies belonging to Colruyt Group.

Within Colruyt Group, these data are only available to responsible people who need to have access to them in relation to their job.

To be allowed to collect information on our customers, we made a preliminary declaration with the Commission for the protection of privacy in Belgium. This applies to information we collect in Belgium. For information we collect in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we made a declaration with the National Commission for Safeguarding data in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

5. Handing over to third parties

At no moment in time we will sell or rent out your data to companies or persons that are not part of the Colruyt Group. The group considers your data as confidential information. 

Occasionally we will appeal to an external processor. This means, among other things, that for certain tasks or research we hand over data temporarily to third parties if we do not have the means for this ourselves. If we do this, we will always ensure that your information is handled confidentially and in a safe manner. We also always draw up a contract with these processors. This way the processor will never be allowed to use your data on their own initiative and your data have to be erased as soon as the processor has finished the assignment.

6. How can you access your data , correct or delete them?

When you become a customer of Colruyt Group, Colruyt Group stores certain data. This is why you also have certain rights concerning these data.

Thus you can check, correct and delete your data free of charge. To exercise this right, we ask you to send a clear request to the customer service of Colruyt Group that states clearly what it is you want to know, correct or delete. This request needs to be signed and dated and contain a copy of the front side of your identity card. If you wish us to delete your data, you must specifically motivate your request. Once these conditions are fulfilled, Colruyt Group will execute your request as soon as possible and send you a message on this matter.

You can always simply check your details and, if needed, adapt using your online profile on the websites and apps of Colruyt Group.

7. External control

Apart from all the measures we take to protect your privacy as much as possible, Quality Control checks and guarantees:

• That we comply with the standards of the Personal Privacy Protection Act in each country;
• That we honour the commitments made in this charter.

Quality Control, the Institute for Quality control and Informative Labeling, is an independent organisation recognised by Belac (the Belgian Recognition institution of the Federal Public Service for Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy).

Published: 04/04/2017

1 By Colruyt Group is understood, Etn. Fr. Colruyt NV and all connected companies as per art 11 of the Code of Company Law that include for example Bio Planet NV, Dats 24 NV, Dreambaby NV, Dreamland NV, Okay NV, Retail Partners Colruyt Group NV etc.