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1 joint loyalty card for 9 chains and webshops!

Colruyt Group launches the Xtra loyalty card.

XTRA: now on smartwatch

As from 11 September, customers can use their smartwatch as an Xtra customer card.

Work placement across cultures

Being introduced to Belgian culture, having a talk with Jef Colruyt, thinking about waste recycling ...

Tomorrow's Voices

Different corners of the world, 1 challenge. During Tomorrows's Voices 50 young people talked with Jef Colruyt.

YOUCA Action Day

Arne and Christelle had a look behind the scenes of Colruyt Group during YOUCA Action Day.

Heating with the refrigeration plant

What if you could use the residual heat from the cooling system to heat a shop?

Eoly supports Leuven students and their solar car

Solar energy: it can be used to charge mobile phones or heat up water for a shower. But did you know that solar panels can also be used to power a car...

Heartwarming ice cream action!

On 7 and 8 July ice creams were sold in our Colruyt stores in aid of Collibri Foundation. The funds raised will be entirely dedicated to education projects.

Collect litter on the bicycle

Specifically for festivals, street festivals and other events, our staff have developed the Recycle.

Low-energy makeover for 234 stores

Low-energy conversion is the next step that the Colruyt Group is taking to reduce its CO2 emissions. But what does that really mean?

Collibri Foundation closed BOOST year

The 25 young people supported by Collibri Foundation via BOOST, graduate this year. We followed them during the last workshop of the year.

Immersion trip Colombia

A Collibri Foundation delegation and Burundian coffee farmers travelled to Colombia to discover the coffee culture and our education projects.

Handle food consciously

During the "Food for the Future" project, young people reflect on how we will handle food in the future.

Children think about sustainable food

On 16 February, Colruyt Group and Vredeseilanden, KU Louvain and the province of Flemish Brabant organised the "Food for the future" workshop.

Collibri Foundation organises 2nd banana action

As from 22 March, you can buy a Boni Selection organic banana for 1 €. With this money you support the Collibri Foundation projects in Senegal.

Food of tomorrow: an initiative to feed the world

Colruyt Group is bringing together young people in the development of sustainable food channels, with Vredeseilanden, KU Leuven and the province of Flemish Brabant...

The 'Zuiddag' of ambassador Lisa

Again, a lot of youngsters set to work for Zuiddag. We followed Lisa during her first time.

Colruyt Group is putting its weight behind the UN sustainability agenda

Colruyt Group is entering the coming year as a ‘voice’ of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Colruyt Group participates in ‘Just say hello’

Colruyt Group buckles down to the ‘Just say hello’ initiative that wants to encourage citizens to greet each other more.

Colruyt Group receives European support for hydrogen projects

Colruyt Group receives European support for projects to use hydrogen more as an alternative fuel for logistic machines.

Children help design new Kangourou collection

Kids rule! They designed the new collection of school bags and backpacks for our private label Kangourou.

Heartwarming ice cream action

From 4 to 10 July, Boni Selection ice creams were sold to benefit Collibri Foundation.

Colruyt Group joins RE100

RE100 is a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100 % renewable electricity.

Colruyt Group European pioneer with tangible commitments

Colruyt Group is committed to a better environment on a European level as well.

Promising students heartened

At the end of their fifth year at secondary school, 25 Brussels students of the Boost education project were invited at Colruyt Group.

Less sugar, salt and saturated fats

Colruyt Group improves the nutritional quality of its Everyday, Boni and Boni-Bio products, while maintaining their taste appeal.

Colruyt Group innovates with sustainable refrigerated container

The ‘liquid ice container’ has 58 % less climate change impact than a classic refrigerated container.

WE-Power becomes Eoly


WE Power, the internal energyproducer and supplier of Colruyt Group, changes its name to Eoly.

Mobile payment

You can pay with your smartphone in all our store formats. It is easy, quick, safe and for free.

165 young people take action for Zuiddag at Colruyt Group

On October 22nd, Colruyt Group put young people to charitable work for the 10th year in a row.

Colruyt Group opens business complex in Jambes

After opening the distribution centre in Ath/Lessines, Colruyt Group aims at pursuing its development in Wallonia in the region of Namur.

Thank you to all our customers

Cover Jaarverslag

The employees at Colruyt Group would like to thank all their customers. Thanks to their support, Colruyt Group has continued to grow.

Welcome in our new technical training centre

Since 2 September, Colruyt Group’s technical department, Technics, Real Estate & Energy (T&I) has its own training centre where new employees can learn to handle several...

99U Local: Ghent, from inspiration to action

99U Local: Ghent

An innovative idea can be the start of a captivating career. But working on a brand new project or starting your own business is not always easy. That is why creative people,...

4 awards for efforts to promote animal welfare

Colruyt Group has won no fewer than 4 awards at the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, organised by CIWF (Compassion in World Farming), the international NGO committed to the welfare...

The long road to a new mentality

We are all for better working conditions at manufacturers all over the world. That is why Colruyt Group has its suppliers in at-risk countries audited by independent audit agencies...

Students learn on the shop floor

Colruyt Group gives students of the second and third level Office and Retail the opportunity to acquire practical experience in the stores.

Colruyt Group opens a new logistics centre in Ath/Lessines


In 2015 Colruyt Group opened its new logistics centre in Ath/Lessines. The site is located in the industrial area Orientis. The logistic centre is pioneering in terms of...

Fourth Colruyt Group job day

On Saturday 28 March, over a hundred students went to Colruyt Group for the final-year students job day. During this job day, young people were able to look at Colruyt Group...

Students experiment with sustainable packages

About a hundred last-year marketing students have invented concepts to make the Boni Selection packages more sustainable.

Meatland 2015: professional butchers at work

Meatland, meet the professionals 250 butcher's students looked at their future craft differently during Meatland. The event focused on pride and craftsmanship.

Benin: long-term vision through education

In continuation of the rice project in Benin, the Collibri Foundation for education keeps its commitment to invest in training young people. The programme provides a training in...

Conclusion of the "Benin rice" project

Colruyt will no longer sell the "Collines" rice in its stores. Contrary to what it sounds like, this is excellent news. It is the end of a project that was started in 2006 in Benin...

Annual report

During the last financial year, Colruyt Group put in a strong performance. In a difficult market, the revenue rose by 4,1% and all our store formulas have succeeded in growing....

Best-before dates

Annually 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year globally. We limit food waste as much was possible and make it easy for our customers to do the same.

Who are we?

Over more than 80 years ago, Colruyt saw its first light as a family business in Lembeek, Flemish Brabant. Today, the initial small company has grown into a family of companies:...

Mission and values

The common identity of Colruyt Group is vital as a link between all the sister companies. This identity translates into a mission statement and nine group values.